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Supernatural Icons

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This is an Icon Community for the TV Show Supernatural, feel free to post your Supernatural related icons here! Please take the time to read our rules, there's not alot (unlike other groups) and they won't be changed without prior warning.


[1] Please be polite to eachother, there's really no need to be rude. If something offends you take it up with them personally or contact me and I will deal with it. This really isn't the place for drama.
[2] If you're posting more than 4 icons please put them under an LJ cut.
[3] Please don't discuss the show here, this is an icon community NOT a discussion community.
[4] Please don't advertise your journal or community unless it is on the end of an icon post.
[5] No spoilery please! If you post icons that are from the current US episode you must not post any preview. You may post previews 24 hours after the show airs.


That's about it, I'm not the sort of mod that will just ban someone, it's more of a three strikes you're out in here but I am pretty leniant and I'm not rude. LOL. Enjoy the community and thanks for joining!